Alexandra’s reflection post

I am righting a story about sleep paralysis. my book is called sleep paralysis. It’s  about a girl who has sleep paralysis and she is trying to see if her if symptoms are real and their happening. My success is making this story because it helps people know that it’s not real its just your body waking up.what I messed up on was trying many ways to make the story and most of the story’s are good but one was bad I did not like what I put in the story. I almost put this part I did not want I said she woke up she saw a shadow at the door and she peed her self I did not like that part cause it was cheesy to put in a scary story.


This week in PW

This week was a good one but a bad one because the PSSA’s are on 4/16/19. I’m working on my singing project which is where I sing on camera and  see if  did better. I am researching how to expand your vocal cords and I’m trying to get my voice louder and on task and beautiful.

sasha’s hoffert vocal cords

I love to sing so I sang on photo booth to show the whole class how I sing right now. Then I did research on my vocal chord range.  Next, I will record myself after I work on my range. I got this kind of idea from my classmate Cassie Daw. she did a project for her favorite person on Americas Got Talent. So mine is a little different because I did it to try to find out what my vocal cord range is at. shout out to Casey Daw for helping me get through my video successfully.

hawaii project

I was working on a project called the Hawaii project. I made paragraphs about Hawaii  about  hula dancing. I also made a diagram were my mother was in Hawaii. It was at a beautiful beach and she was playing soccer with her sister. I made a video of me and my mom hula dancing on photo booth.

My first update

Most everybody knows when you are here in Project Wonder it sounds fun right, but it’s more than projects. We read books like Refugee which is about three kids who are refugees who get kicked out of their home places. We also learn some grammar and some spelling. We also work on projects. My project I did is the Hawaiian project that I finished in five weeks but now we are doing ancient civilizations. I’m researching Ancient Greece. I have not researched Ancient Greece yet because first we are looking at some other ancient civilizations. I hope you like the way Project Wonder sounds and hope you will come join us.